Thursday, February 24, 2011

My dream to open an art gallery! need FB votes..

Hi friends! I often say the gears in my head are always turning. I also believe that if you love what you do, work hard and believe in it you can make it work. That is my motto "some how I can make this work". My dream of having an old farm house with music and art rooms was thought up many many years ago..and here I am! Of course it is not without struggles, the last two years my income was about $6500, raided my IRA a few times and in credit card debt. My family and friends have been a huge support. Get teary eyed knowing they believe in me so much. STILL even with struggles, wouldn't trade it for anything. It is so rewarding when families bring their children here for guitar lessons, sit on the front porch reading or strolling in my yard while I see the smiles and achievements of my students learning. I teach adults too, everyone seems at home here.

Then I put on my artist cap, go upstairs to my art studio where I tear into my old papers and paint, think about my blank canvas as I watch the sunset over the mountain view out my windows. I've managed to support myself on art and music for about six yrs now.

I also have a hobby. It seems kinda silly but it is relaxing and fun. I enter contests. My mother and grandmother did too. Grandma called it her "job" and as a little girl can remember something always being delivered to the house. I think they are my guardian angels sometimes because when I do win something kinda big, it has to do with art or music! Exterior paint job to my house, guitar strings, festival tent, business video and's crazy! I do actively search out opportunities.

I have another dream for this big ol' house. It has a 3rd floor, never been touched, actually it is a mess. A beautiful staircase has been walled up, there is a hallway and two rooms. I would like to turn it into an art gallery and host shows here, not of my art, that can be seen in my studio, but of YOUR art. Realizing the big galleries have high overhead and have to take a high percentage of your sale price, I want to take just a small amount and make it work for you. This plan isn't about profit but about opening my home to the community even more. A place where music and art happens. The more my name is out there the more students and people see my studio. Already I have travelers call and want to visit my home and studio, just from reading about me or seeing my art somewhere.

My vision is beautiful art, live music and gardens for people to explore when they visit. I found a contest, but contest or not I will still work to make this happen one day. It will take a long time though, that is unless Mom or Grandma thinks the time is now! :) Anyway, there is the contest, it is on facebook and hosted by Dockers. My least favorite kind of contest is a voting contest. To me it becomes a popularity contest and I am uncomfortable about bothering people with it. This one is 100K to carry out a plan. This would not only make the art gallery happen but would put heat on the 2nd and 3rd floor which there is none (brr!).
If you don't mind the hassle, you log into facebook, like their page and you can vote everyday! In the first round I just need to be in the top 50. I promise to be a great gallery keeper and so open minded about art and suggestions! Thank you so much if you read through all this!

Voting through 3/15 for this round...

Dockers on facebook


Kelly Jeanette Swift said...

Sounds like a great idea. Love it. I have always wanted a gallery house myself, but that is so not happening. So I aways cheer others on who have achieved a life-long dream.

E Makes Art said...

Hi! just letting you know I received the note cards I won. They are beautiful!!! I love them, thank you sooo much!

I wish you the best and really hope you win this contest because you deserve it. I love how you will use the money.


Paula said...

What a wonderful idea. Best of luck to you!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a necklace from pie n the sky if you'd like to check it out. :) x

Dena said...

Awesome Cathy! Just voted and posted a support Cathy's art gallery notice!!

BusyWorkingMama said...

Thnks for stopping by my blog to enter some giveaways - good luck! If there's more voting and you need votes - let me know!!