Saturday, January 16, 2010

Starving Artist and Glue

No, I'm not eating glue. Not sniffing it either although sometimes you would think I do..but no, not me. I'm not starving either but being a full time artist really has it struggles. This post is actually about getting support to continue doing what I love so much.

First is Plaid Enterprises. They have generously sent me a full box of jars of the Royal Coat Decoupage finish I use on every piece of art I make. I use at least four coats per canvas and it's the final thing I do before signing and framing the art. Plaid also sent a few other products to try out. Thank you so much!!

Next is Golden Paints for their seconds program. Another product I use on every collage is the Golden Gel Medium. I use this to glue down everything in the collage. Great stuff. Through their program I was mailed two heavy boxes filled with not only the gel medium but also their quality acrylic paints. I am so ready to make more art! Thank you so much!

I want to thank my family for not only their support but for believing in me. It keeps me so motivated and inspired to work harder. Linda and Joe, thank you. They knew I couldn't even turn the heat on in my house and commissioned me to make custom collages and prints of both of their families and sent me funds up front. My sister Barbara bought me a kerosene heater. Thank you thank you thank you! Not only am I warmer but it warmed the cockles of my heart!
Knowing that my family and friends believe in me is the greatest gift of all.

And finally but not least is the support from everyone who likes my crazy art, crazy guitar playing and likes me as a crazy guitar instructor. I love you all!


Xenia said...

It's always important to thank the people who helped to get you where you are today, it sounds like you have some great support! From what I've seen of your art, I love how unique it is!

Thanks for stopping by - good luck! :)

dawnlizabeth said...

Cathy, its wonderful when the companies reach out to help, it is definitely our gain-thanks mainly to the artist for turning 'supplies' into Art. Thanks so much and I hope you win in "the Best of 2009" contest.