Saturday, February 21, 2009

Robots, Robots mowing the lawn

I never thought about writing a blog. What is a blog anyway? Is it a journal? I'm not even sure what to write about, however the wheels that constantly turn in my head never seem to run out of things to think about. What is even more amazing, my Dear Followers, you have subjected yourself to my rambling of which has no clear direction as of yet. Maybe I am blessed and you will guide me. BTW, I can be very silly so don't take me too seriously. Feel free to join my silliness.

Robots. Robots mowing the lawn. Robots serving ice tea. I wish. I have 2.3 acres of lawn and rocks and only a push mower. I tell myself it's good exercise so I don't mind.

To make these loveable robots, I use many vintage industrial catalogs dated pre-1950's. Some of their parts even date back to the early 1900's. I cut out images of parts, and since I really have no idea what they are it may be why I see faces, legs, arms as I piece them together. I then think of a human situation to put them in with a retro feel.

I've done robots in the baby nursery, in the kitchen and playing guitars. In collage art, I am really at the mercy of the vintage images I find but sometimes with a little creativity, handmade papers and paint I can add things to my canvas.

Readers, what other retro situations should I put my robots in?


Unknown said...

Those are really cool!

Lo Christine said...

So creative! I don't have any other good ideas for you though. . .