Friday, May 7, 2010

Interviewed on the Empty Easel!

Hi! I was interviewed about my collage art on the Empty Easel art-zine. It's not real long and very nice!


Marie S said...

What a great interview and your work is amazing. The depth is the best part and the seamless blending of papers together is wonderful and a delight to the eye.

I am having a foggy morning. I deleted your comment and then put it up with a link to your page in the comments section. Got the HTML wrong. LOL!!
At least I did put the link up so people could copy and paste.
Thank you so much Cathy. I would be glad to share some of my talent with you.
What would you like?
I look at your pages though and think that you dear are the one with talent.
I think it might be time to go back to bed.

Laura said...

Hi Cathy,
great to meet you here on line..I really love the playful spirit in you work..