Sunday, February 21, 2010

The wonderful things I won through OWOH

Wow, feel like it's my birthday so many awesome treasures my name was drawn for! The best part is the new friends I have made. I was also very inspired visiting so many creative people.

From Becca in Colorado and her blog Art Beckons I won Asian Ephemera and can't wait to see what I make with this! She is an artist that works in different mediums from altered art to oil pastels.
Great site and many great projects to see and get involved with.

Gale from Scribbleprints is sending a magnet with her delightful art. What may start out as a scribble becomes much more detailed work and the results are wonderful! My scribbles NEVER looked this good! Gale even has free coloring pages, how fun is that!

Kathryn Uster a collage artist from Arizona is sending me one of her original ACEO cards.
Her art is totally amazing and you can visit her on line gallery here:
Kathryn Uster Collage Artist

All the way from Hawaii Vicki sent me this "Dare Bottle". Her blog is Live Aloha. This photo doesn't show the detail, a bottle embellished with treasures all sealed with beeswax and I love it! My special bottle already has a place of honor on my fireplace mantel in my art room.

This adorable and beautiful bird was made by Jennifer Conway, a mixed media artist from Vancouver, Canada. I am so excited about this win, another treasure to inspire me! Don't you love this?!

This next cutie of a win was a special download of a felt tutorial from Cornit's Felt Blog and the creation of Corinna Nitschmann from Hungary .
You have to visit her site, beautiful felt work!!
See, a new craft and art to learn inspired by OWOH!

This is an original mixed media painting by Pam Aries. This is such a wonderful piece of art! The colors are amazing and can't wait to see it up close. Pam's site is Aries Gypsy where you can see her life in the Gulf Coast that inspires her art.
So very beautiful!

Ramona from Create With Joy surprised me with an email to go check out her blog only to see I had won this beautiful journal made of hand made papers. She is all about inspiring each other and being creative in all things in life.

I'll pause here a second. Am I lucky or what?! There's more...

What would One World One Heart be without a very special heart! This beauty is from Elena in California. Her blog is Miss Elena Eous and she is an inspiring writer. Lots of beautiful poetry, photos and other joyful things to read.

This is a limited edition print titled "Captain Jack's Wharf", 11X14 by Diane Hutchinson. This came in the mail this week and it is stunning!!I am extremely proud to have a print of her incredible art. Diane is from Pennsylvania and her blog is Cellar Studio where you can see more of her amazing talent.
Can't wait to get this matted and framed.

This wonderful charm was made by Claireabell's Blogtastic Blog from Yorkshire. I just love the frog playing cello and can't wait for it to make it all the way here to Tn! There's lots of creative eye candy to see on her blog! I'm a music instructor so perfect!! I love it!

At last but not least, is this beautiful rhinestone bracelet made by Alex from Piece. This four leaf clover has a special meaning to me too and know I'll treasure it forever. Alex is from Maryland, where I grew up! So this trip around the world brought me back home again, imagine that!


Debby said...

Congrats!! So many beautiful gifts. Love the birdie and the wharf painting.

Diane Hutchinson said...

Hi Cathy,
Glad you received the print and you're happy with it. You won many wonderful prizes! Congratulations!!

MisfitGirl said...

What a beautiful collection. I really insist you should probably play the lottery too ;-)

Pam Aries said...

Wooo hooo! You cleaned up..haha You deserve it are such a cool gal! Mine is coming...

Create With Joy said...

Wow, Cathy, you were really blessed by OWOH! I hope you enjoy your journal and all of your wonderful gifts! I am looking forward to checking out some of the amazing blogs you have linked here!

Keep in touch!

Ramona :-)

katie hanson said...

OWOH was amazing! Congrats on all of your wins! :)

Kathryn Uster said...

Wow! Cathy! You won plenty. Congratulations and thanks for posting all of them. I hope you received mine. I hadn't heard and worried. You did well! Many blogs were so amazing, and it was fun. Have a great day.