Sunday, May 10, 2009

I won the house makeover!

Hi followers! I've been extremely busy with my gardens. First spring in my house and getting surprised daily by finding different flowers and shrubs growing in the yard of this 100 yr old homestead. The BIG news! On Arbor Day I was awarded a check for $20,000 to give my house an exterior makeover from Rohm and Haas (now with DOW) and was given a 6 foot Leyland Cypress from the Arbor Day Foundation. It was a wonderful day and I was front page news in the local paper.

The painters are prepping the roof and siding and I have a carpenter working on the front porch. I ordered wonderful gingerbread that will look like arches between the pillars. I'll be taking lots of photos to share. So happy!!!!!!!!!

Thank you everyone for helping me win this huge prize!


Magatha-May said...

Congratulations! wow, please post some photos when it's all done. yea!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! No wonder you are busy with that this summer. How utterly thrilling! I love landscaping. I can't do art work, but I can lay sod and plantings :-)